My husband Frank finally decided he needed to lose weight. After researching the diets out there, we went with the DASH DIET. This blog will follow his progress.

31 Pounds Lost !!!

He has pretty much been on maintenance for some time now. Not following a menu. We basically learned how to eat from following the menu plan for 6 weeks. It really is simple and easy. He doesn’t overeat anymore. And on special occasions, he’ll indulge, which is fine.

He’s down 31 pounds and wants to lose 9 more pounds to reach his 40 pound goal.

I highly recommend this diet. It teaches you how to eat and is healthy and you do not starve!


10 weeks day 69 update!

Isn’t this awesome! This past Thursday was day 69 and he reached 25 pounds lost! It would have been sooner but we had some weekend getaways and a business trip which set him back a couple of pounds…



TYB 6.6.12 ♡donate life♡

Thursday, October 2nd

He’s 230 today. 24 pounds lost!
We have 2 busy weekends coming up, which means he’ll probably gain a few pounds both weekends. But he’s doing great. He also started basketball last night. He’ll be going 2 times a week. Great exercise!

TYB 6.6.12 ♡donate life♡

Thursday, Sept 25th Update

Haven’t updated in a while.
He dropped to 233 2 weeks ago. Then went on a 1 week business trip and put on 2 pounds. Then dropped the 2 pounds. Then we went on a weekend trip and he gained the 2 pounds again. And now he’s back to 233.

So he’s down 21 pounds!!


The results are in for week 3.

Regarding the menu: the shopping is getting simpler. We’re also learning how to substitute items. And, amazingly, Frank is getting full on his new revised portions! We both can’t believe how much he used to eat! These meals are satisfying him which is awesome! And since day 1, he’s had NO reflux!

His exercise for the week was limited because he strained a calf muscle.

8/15 treadmill, 2.62 miles, 50 minutes

8/21 treadmill, 2.51 miles, 48 minutes – started using the incline so his calories burned are increasing! 302 calories!

Here are the results!

He’s down to 239 pounds!

He lost another 5 pounds!

That’s a total of 15 pounds lost!

Here’s are photos of his progress…




RESULTS of WEEK 2 !!!!

I haven’t posted all week. I’m DONE with taking pictures of all the food. You get the idea of the meals based on Week1. No food groups are left out and the portions are reasonable! We’re getting used to portion sizes and know how to replace food items, based on what we have in house.

He exercised 4 days

8/9 treadmill, 2.52 miles 50 minutes

8/10 treadmill, 2.56 miles, 50 minutes

8/11 a day at the Bronx Zoo, 3.5 miles

8/13 treadmill, 2.62 miles, 50 minutes

Here are the results!

He’s down to 244 pounds!

That’s a total of 10 pounds lost!

Here’s are photos of his progress…

Lost 10 bounds total!

Lost 10 pounds total!




Day 8

It’s been one week, but Frank says it feels like a month! I think it’s because there really is a lot of work and planning involved. He’s very pleased with the results of WEEK1, hoping for another 3-5 pounds in week2.







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